Sale! Ecoflex M42 20 mm 2515 x 20 x 0.9mm , 5/8 Tpi View larger

Ecoflex M42 20 mm 2515 x 20 x 0.9mm , 5/8 Tpi

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ECOFLEX® M42 is an all-rounder bimetal band saw blade, suitable for cutting of profiles like angles, channels, pipes and tubes, both square and round, for thin walled pipes and tubes. It can be used for cutting solid materials like Square and Round Bars, Ingots, Big Steel Blocks, Plates, Sheets, and Cylinders as well. It can be used for single piece cutting or bundle cutting, and is sutiable for a very wide range of materials, both ferrous and non ferrous. In Ferrous, it can be used for cutting low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, free cutting steel, mild steel, low-alloy steel, various varieties of Cast Iron like grey cast iron, malleable cast iron, ductile cast Iron etc. It can also be used in other non ferrous materials like, Bronze, Copper, Aluminium, Brass etc. It can also be used for non metallic applications to cut, rubber, plastics, polyamides, resins, polymers, wood etc.,

Ecoflex is a highly universal blade and is a very good economical solution for a variety of applications. It can be used by steel traders, steel manufacturers, forging industries, forming industry, stamping indusries, cold forging industry, hot forging industry, closed die forging industry, open die forging industry, tool rooms, automotive industry, pipe and tube manufacturers, construction industry, tyre industry, general engineering companies, casting industry workshops etc.,

Ecoflex an excellent general purpose bimetal band saw blade and can be successfully deployed on all kinds of machines, both Indian and foreign machines, single column, swing type, scissor type and ofcourse on double column machines. It can even be used on portable Band saw machines. It can be used on manual machines, semi automatic, fully automatic machines and also on CNC band saw machines

Ecoflex is manufactured from M42 grade tool steel and available in a very wide range right from 13mm upto- 67mm width and very wider of range of TPIs, both fine pitch and coarse pitch

When used properly, Ecoflex can be used in a way where it gives a very long life to ensure economical cutting, to keep the cutting costs low. It can also be used in a high productive environment, to keep the cutting time low and ensure high productivity by using the appropriate parameters


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Ecoflex M42 20 mm 2515 x 20 x 0.9mm , 5/8 Tpi

Ecoflex M42 20 mm 2515 x 20 x 0.9mm , 5/8 Tpi

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