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Wikus (India) & Its Products

Established in 2014 in Pune (India), Wikus is the leading manufacturers of bimetal band saw blades, Hand Hacksaw Blades, Power Hacksaw Blades and Blade Tension meters in (Pune) India. Supreme quality of our blades, coupled with easy availability, high durability, affordable pricing and excellent service makes Wikus THE BEST manufacturer of industrial blades in India.

Wikus’ range of industrial blades & accessories include

  1. Bimetal band saw blades - ECOFLEX® M42 bimetal band saw blades, MARATHON® M42 bimetal band saw blades, PRIMAR® M42 bimetal band saw blades, PROFLEX® M42 bimetal band saw blades, VARIO® M42 bimetal band saw blades.
  2. Hand Hacksaw Blades - HSS All hard Hand Hacksaw Blades, HHS BiMetal Hand Hacksaw Blades & HSS Flexible Hand Hacksaw Blades
  3. Power Hacksaw Blades - All hard Power Hacksaw Blades, BiMetal blades Power Hacksaw Blades
  4. Accessories - Blade Tension Meter

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